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Here at Tempsford Stained Glass we offer a wide selection of products that are discountable.  We've thought long and hard to establish a discount structure which we think caters for both the beginner and Pro. 

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a discount on glass. Nope, £45.00 will give you a 5% discount on sheet glass that can be mixed with different colours,sizes  and manufacturers to maximise the discounts. 

We offer amazing discounts on all of our core products. Glass, Solder, Copper Foil, Lead Came, Glass Frits and much much more. 

The more you spend, the more you save. Genius !! 

We also offer discounts on multi tools and materials. Please see products for visible discounts. 

Please see below for various ways on how to  save BIG !!  

Glass Discount Structure 

We currently stock Wissmach, Bullseye & Spectrum sheet glass (Spectrum is not included in the glass discount structure

(Sheet glass can be mixed)

Spend £45.00 On Sheet Glass 5% Discount
Spend £75.00 On Sheet Glass 10% Discount  
Spend £100.00 On Sheet Glass   15% Discount  
Spend £200.00 On Sheet Glass   20% Discount 

Click here to shop for sheet glass 

Solder Discounts 

We only stock sell and use the best solder on the market and always have done. 

(Solder grades can be mixed)

  1 KG +      5% Discount
5 KG +    10% Discount  
10 KG +      15% Discount  

Click here to shop for solder

Copper Foil Discount 

We only stock,use and sell Edco copper foil and have done for over 35 Years. The best a man or woman can buy. 

(Different sizes can be mixed) 

5 + Rolls 5% Discount 
10 + Rolls  10% Discount   
25 + Rolls  20% Discount   

Click here to shop for copper foil 

Kiln Moulds 

We currently stock a selection of  Slumpys and Colour De Verre moulds.

(Different moulds can be mixed) 

3 + Kiln Moulds  10% Discount   
6 + Kiln Moulds  15% Discount   
9 + Kiln Moulds  20% Discount   

Click here to shop for kiln moulds  

Glass Frit

We currently stock a selection of Bullseye and Uroboros 90 C.O.E Frits 

(Different sizes and colours  can be mixed) 

4 + Bags  10% Discount 
8 + Bags  20% Discount 
16 + Bags    30% Discount 
32 + Bags   40% Discount 

here to shop for glass frits  

Glass Rondels 

Handmade Rondels 

(Different colours and sizes can be mixed) 

3 + Rondels  5% Discount  
6 + Rondels  10% Discount   
9 + Rondels  15% Discount   

Click here to shop for glass rondels