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Frit 90 C.O.E

  • Bullseye Frit 90 C.O.E

    4+ Bags 10% Off 
    8+ Bags 20% Off 
    16+ Bags 30% Off 
    32+ Bags40% Off 
    Please note: Bags can be mixed in sizes, colours and even manufacturers to maximize discounts !! 

    Bullseye 90 C.O.E  Frit has many, many uses. From adding tiny details to a new or existing fused art glass piece or casting a solid 3D shape to name but a few techniques. If you feeling really arty, why not try to paint with the frit itself.

    If Bead making is your thing, add hints of colour to your beads by rolling your bead in the powder frit, Basically if it's hot then you can add frit !! 

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