Easter Mosaic Saver Pack


Mosaics is a great way to use up off cuts and scrap pieces of glass. You don’t have to be a pro either. Be young or old, mosaics is a fun way to create a seasonal masterpiece.

 Simply cut your pieces to size with either a pair of Mosaic cutters or a glass cutter. Mosaic cutters make the job a lot faster and easier.

Our kit includes the following.

Cream Egg Bunny Blank R.R.P. £4.80

Kinder Egg Bunny Blank  R.R..P. £2.88

Hanging Bunny Blank R.R.P. £2.40 

Small Egg Blank R.R.P. £2.16 

Mixed cullet R.R.P. £4.50

Silicone Gel R.R.P. £4.99

All of the above for only £15.00 !!

In stock

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