Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter


Designed to be held firmly in the hand, rather than gripped like a pencil, this is a very popular tool for anyone who has trouble gripping the standard Toyo cutters. Holds a massive amount of cutting lubricant, and is also very useful for straight line production cutting. Extra large lubricant reservoir. Now available in a range of exciting violent neon colours, so you can easily identify yours in class. The difference in impact between a steel wheel (steeper angle-blunt point) and a tungsten carbide wheel (shallow angle-sharp point) has been likened to the difference between the effect of a 250 LB. man in wingtips and his 98 LB. companion in high heels, both walking on a hardwood floor. The pressure applied to the glass is directly proportional to the amount of wheel touching the surface. This is one of the reasons carbide wheels have up to 25 times the life of steel wheels.

In stock

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